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Linux + Windows

You don't have to choose two operating systems, one laptop

Why dual boot?

Our laptops all dual boot Windows 10 and a Linux operating system (OS). Every time the laptop starts, you choose whether you want to use Windows or Linux. If you don't make a selection, the bootloader defaults to the same choice as the last restart.

Get the benefit of the best operating systems in one laptop. Linux for creative work, coding, a blazing fast, lighter desktop, that keeps out of your way, and for the freedom to configure your desktop the way you want it. Windows when you need to use productivity apps like Adobe Photoshop or MS Word (that don't run well on Linux), or use software not available on Linux.

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Your laptop will boot Windows, the workhorse of the OS world, where the productivity apps are. You may need to load Windows to use Office 365, for gaming on Steam, or for Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

Your laptop will also have a leading Linux desktop environment, selected for overall compatibility and ease of use.

Linux is an OS for grown ups. It powers the internet, cloud servers, Mac OS, Chrome OS, and almost every mobile device in the world. Linux is perfect for developers and creators, or anyone who wants to use an open source, cutting edge OS, that's fast and configurable. Depending on your laptop choice, this will be one of:

Solus Budgie

KDE Neon

Manjaro KDE


(If you prefer a different Linux OS with your laptop use the Contact Us form to send your request)

Our mission statement

The purpose of this store is to make Linux more accessible to more people, and to add a third option - booting Linux and Windows on the same laptop, so buyers don't have to choose between a Linux and a Windows laptop.

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