About us

We created this shop to give buyers the option of sourcing a laptop that will dual boot Linux and Windows out of the box, so people are no longer forced to choose OS or buy two laptops, and can use both.

I'm a former Developer with experience in Linux Devops and systems configuration. I've been working with Linux distros (and multi boot environments), have used dual boot machines as my daily drivers, for many years. I'm based in London.

While Linux has notorious compatibility issues with many new laptops, we aim to select hardware that is largely compatible with the Linux distros provided. All Linux flavours and desktop environments have been selected because they're user friendly and stable, and in most cases would not look unfamiliar to a Windows 10 or traditional desktop user.

We only sell dual boot laptops, because we think this is the best type of laptop.

Don't hesitate to Contact Us if you have any questions about the configurations offered...